If you provide handsets to your field team, you’ve probably experienced the pain of some fieldworkers downloading or using unwanted apps, wasting time on social media or tampering with settings resulting in support issues, downtime or even data loss!

We’ve seen a lot of projects buckle under the weight of the logistics caused by handset management. Getting a project started is relatively easy – you create your forms, dish out handsets and run some training. But once fieldworkers disappear to far-flung communities to deliver your services or capture data, that’s when the difficulties can begin.

We developed Mobenzi Lockdown as an integrated add-on to help organisations using our software to administer and centrally control their handsets and ensure they can only be used for work purposes.

Once activated on a handset, Lockdown will ensure that the Mobenzi Gateway app starts automatically and cannot be closed. It also prevents the fieldworker from accessing the Android settings menu or any other apps that haven’t been pre-approved by their organisation.

Lockdown can be deactivated remotely at any time and also has a useful feature that allows you to send a one-time PIN to a fieldworker allowing them temporarily disable Lockdown for a few minutes – this is often helpful if they need to quickly join a new WiFi network.

For some fieldworkers who don’t have a lot of smartphone experience, Lockdown can really simplify their lives: the handset boots straight to where they need it to and they can’t accidentally delete it or change any settings they aren’t supposed to. For more worldly fieldworkers, Lockdown can help keep them on the straight and narrow. Either way, you’ll sleep more soundly knowing that your handsets aren’t being misused.