In this release we’re rolling out an updated look & feel to the Mobenzi Gateway mobile app and launching a new feature called “My Activity” that enables fieldworkers to see their recent data collection stats. There are also some improvements to handset filters and the process of adding a handset and installing the mobile app has been simplified significantly!


Home screen changes

The Mobenzi app Home screen will look a little different with refreshed icons and colours to match the web console.

Fieldworkers will now see an icon labelled with the name of the project they are currently linked to (e.g. “Demo Project”) instead of the generic “Mobenzi Researcher” icon. Assigned forms are accessed by tapping on the project name. Fieldworkers who have been assigned forms from multiple projects can switch from one project to another by tapping “My Profile” and choosing a different default project from the list under “My Projects”.

Any new handsets added will receive the new look and feel. Existing handsets simply need to upgrade to the latest version of Mobenzi Gateway by following the instructions outlined in the “Help” module inside the Gateway app under “My device info”.

New: My Activity module

A new feature has been released that enables fieldworkers to see a graphical view of their recent data collection activity. The fieldworker can elect to view their recent submissions for the current day, previous day, last 7 days, current month or previous month. The total number of submissions (across all forms) for the period selected is displayed, as well as the number submissions captured for each individual form. The duration of the shortest and longest submission for the selected time period as well as the average submission duration is also displayed. It should be noted that pending uploads are not included in any of the stats or charts.


Read about the full functionality in the help centre.

Other Changes

On the Form Design tab, “Form Completion Behaviour” and “Form Menu and Enhanced Controls” have been merged into “Advanced Form Options”.

You can now clear the security token for a handset should you re-install the Mobenzi mobile app. This will resolve a “Token error” message you might receive on a handset after re-installing.