The COVID19 Workplace Medical Passport is a free screening tool for workplaces that has been developed on the Mobenzi platform by Profs Rajen Naidoo (UKZN) and Mohamed Jeebhay (UCT) – both occupational medicine specialists, currently active at national and provincial levels in addressing workplace impacts of the epidemic.

It has been designed to allow employees, visitors or any other stakeholders needing to enter a workplace to be screened prior to gaining entry to the premises. Depending on their responses, the respondent is automatically directed to go for confirmatory testing (entry denied), undergo further assessment (entry denied), or to proceed into the premises.

National guidelines

These actions are based on the South African Department of Employment and Labour’s COVID-19 Direction on health and safety in the workplace and the National Health Department guidelines for screening and health monitoring.

Screening can be performed as often as required (e.g. daily for employees) and takes less than a minute to complete. It therefore does not need any paper monitoring system and obviates the individual from having to come to work if they are unwell, and instead directs them to seek further medical assistance.

Value to the organisation

The passport system utilises the Mobenzi platform allowing screening to be performed on both web and mobile devices. The screening data are stored in the Mobenzi backend allowing for real-time data visualisation and reporting for compliance, HR and operational purposes. OHS managers and OH professionals can utilise this information to follow up on flagged individuals and to confirm the reason for absence from work of a particular employee. This is an immediate health care management function, that will allow the designated facility’s occupational health professional to at once commence surveillance of the “Person Under Investigation” or those with other symptoms/risk factors.

Example report: Daily COVID-19 Medical Passport Output List for Workplace

The tool can be easily adapted for any workplace by adding new fields, select lists with the names of facilities, departments etc. by adding the specific names of the facilities and linking it to staff numbers. Additional forms can also be created as needed to cater for any other data collection needs the organisation may have.

Validation of employee/student numbers can be handled in several ways ranging from simple checking of the format of the employee/student number through to real-time server-side validation of the number against the organisation’s internal database.

Activating the COVID-19 Response Toolkit

The passport is available by activating the COVID-19 Response Toolkit, and can be used freely for up to 500 daily screening submissions per weekday (up to 10,000 screening submissions per month). Should you have larger screening requirements, Mobenzi offers a range of pricing plans that can be activated on a month-to-month basis. Significant discounts are available for larger-scale deployments and subsidies are available for non-profit and public sector usage.